Thursday, September 25, 2008

David's/Dad's Birthday...

Wednesday Sept. 24th David/Dad turned 52. For his Birthday he wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse, his favorite place to eat. We were excited that he had picked this place because they make it a big deal when you have a birthday there. They make you sit on a saddle while they sing a birthday chant. He forgot how embarrassed they try to make you on your birthday. After we ate and were just sitting there they came to do the chant for him. He was so embarrassed about, but it was a lot of fun seeing him be a good sport about it all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!!

Timothy's Birthday Party...

The 21st was Timothy's Birthday. We were in Payson on Sunday and even though Tim is still on his mission we made a birthday cake to celebrate. All the little girls were so excited to make the cake for Tim even though he won't be home until October. The girls made us put candles on the cake so they could blow them out for him. Crystal even sang happy birthday for him. Happy Birthday Timothy!

Our New Apartment...

We are now in our new Apartment and we love it so much. It has one bedroom, the living rooming, dining room, really nice kitchen, and a really big bathroom. The Apartment came with washer and dryer. They are really nice ones. The only downside is we are on the fourth floor so moving in was a pain. We are so grateful for all the help from our family members who helped us move in because we wouldn't have been able to do it on our own. While moving in the missionaries stopped and helped. We found out they live in the apartment complex too. Another added bonus is no we live really close to a TRAX Station. This really helps us save money on gas, and we don't have to pay to park at the school. We are really enjoying living closer to the city.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Date Night With Laura

Tonight we went to the State Fair with Laura. My mom had gotten a few free tickets to go so we all decided to go. We mostly walked around and looked at everything and wished that people wouldn't smoke where ever they wanted too. Then after the State Fair we went and got dinner with Laura at Taco Bell. Then we decided to go to a great movie. We went and saw The House Bunny. We all really enjoyed it. Wesley was even laughing during the movie. This was our great date night with Laura.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Utah vs. UNLV

We went to the first Utah home game. We are part of the MUSS. This year we have pretty good tickets. This time we decided to ride TRAX to the game to make it easier to get out of the game. We didn't stay for the whole game we left at the end of the 3rd quarter.

The score at the end of the game was Utah 42 to UNLV 21. It was a great game and a great date night for us.