Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thanksgiving in Spokane

We went up to Spokane for Thanksgiving to spend it with Jenny and Neal and their family. Mom and Dad were there too. They flew up a few days before we drove up there. Wesley and I were able to leave here on Wednesday morning then we all returned on Sunday. It was a fun trip, we got to spend time with the kids the first night while the others went to a play. Thanksgiving we got to just hang out and Wesley played Wii with the kids. Thanksgiving night Jenny, Mom and I went to Wal-mart to hit the sales that night. Thanksgiving night Jenny's refrigerator stopped working, so Friday morning they went shopping for a new one and found a new one that would be delivered on Saturday. Friday day we went for lunch, and then we went to the Spokane temple so I could take some pictures. Then we all went and saw the Muppets Movie with everyone. Saturday we all helped Jenny and Neal put up all their Christmas decorations and then later that afternoon Jenny took Wesley and I to a park with the kids to show us the big red wagon and ride the Mary-go-round. Then Sunday Morning we packed up the car and headed home with Mom and Dad. 

 Wesley playing the Wii with the kids.
 Neal took a turn playing with the kids.
 Rachel trying to take the camera away.
 Here is our Thankful Turkey. This is how Megan and Jason told Mom and Dad that they will be having a baby at the end of May.
 Thanksgiving dinner, it was perfect.

 Dad and Mom

The Big Red Wagon...

 Mary-go-round that was at the park...

Wesley & Owen...
 We stopped by Hastings for the kids to find a new book and Wesley and Owen found new toys and got all dressed and had a light-saber fight, up so I took some pictures of them. It was pretty funny.