Sunday, January 23, 2011

Days at Sea....

Day 3: Dec. 6th
Out at Sea to Half Moon Cay canceled-Day at Sea

We were supposed to make our first stop at Half Moon Cay but the weather was so bad that we weren't able to drop anchor. It was really windy that day and rainy in the morning. When we woke up that morning we could feel the boat really rocking a lot. We knew that we weren't at port. Abby was not so happy about that because she was really looking forward of getting off the boat. She wasn't feeling really good and feeling really sea sick. (Yes Abby was using the sea sick patch and sea sick pills and they weren't so well for her, but not throwing up.)
With the change of plans we all just hang out on deck and played games and tried not to get more sick.

Half Moon Cay is the little island you see out there. This is all we could see of the island when we got to the deck.

Rachelle got Laura and Matt a cake for their Honeymoon. We let Laura and Matt do their own stuff for the most part we were able to eat dinner with them every night. At first our tables were all messed up so we were separated from each the the first night but got it worked out the second night.

Monkey (we think)

Day 4: Dec. 7th
Half Moon Cay Cancelled -Day at Sea to All day at Sea

All day at Sea isn't Abby's favorite, she wanted to just sit in the room all day but Wesley made her go and lay out with the fresh air. Abby did start to feel a little better by being out of the room. It was a little cold at first to lay out that is why Abby has a towel on her. We had a lot of fun this day people watching and just taking it easy.

This is the view were we were looking out for about three to four hours.

Will Ferrall is showing us how to use our life jackets. This was on the back of our cabin doors.

Us just sitting around playing games and waiting for dinner

It was formal night and we all had to dress up nice. This is us waiting for dinner. Every night we had an assigned dinner time of 8:15pm and so we would show up to dinner around 8:00pm and wait until 8:15pm when they opened the doors to let us in.

Elephant and Abby modeling it for us.

The first video is the waiters singing Happy Birthday to Nicole because it was her birthday on the 6th and the second one is the waiters singing to Matt and Laura Happy Honeymoon.

Exoric Eastern Caribbean Curise 2010

Dec. 4th through Dec. 12th 2010.
We had been saving for about six months or more to be able to go on this cruise with the Keeslers family (David, Rachelle, Tiffany, Kevin, Nicole, Cody, Wesley, Abby, Tim, Daniel and Ariel) plus Laura and Matt, making it there Honeymoon. Laura was the only one who jumped on the opportunity from Abby's family to go on a cruise. Laura had the cruise planned before she had even met Matt and then married him. They decided for both of them to come with us because they would be married. It just happened that they planned it to be their honeymoon because two weeks before they got married Laura had to have heart surgery to close a hole in her heart. When we went on the cruise Laura was cleared to fly but still had to take it easy.
We had a lot of fun, well most of us did. Abby got sick again, since the weather wasn't the best on this cruise. Abby regrets being so sick and not being able to enjoy everything that she wanted to do. She does have a few of her favorite places where she would like to go back and visit. Abby swears that she will never go on another cruise but Wesley says maybe she should try another one in ten years and make sure we go when we know there is better weather.

Day 1: Dec. 4th
Salt Lake City to Dallas Ft. Worth to Miami

Salt Lake Airport, Wesley had his bag searched because he had a hand tool in the bottom of his bag that he didn't know about so he had to mail it back home.
Laura, Matt waiting on Wesley

Day 2: Dec. 5th
Miami to Half Moon Cay

Us waiting for the shuttle to go to the Cruise Ship.
Us on the boat leaving from port.

Every night our house man made us towel animals and this is our first one for the Cruise.
A seal (we think)... with Abby's sun glasses on.