Thursday, July 1, 2010

The surprise of our Anniversary

JUNE 19th 2010, 11:40pm...
The final surprise of our Anniversary.

So about midnight Wesley got a call from Timothy (his brother) telling him a friend posted something on facebook about the transformer's vehicle's being in Payson. Wesley was curious, but more than skeptical about it being true. Timothy kept insisting though. When I heard part of the conversation she got super excited. Wesley said I was jumping up and down like a little kid. I must have been extra tired or something, but I wanted to go find out. So we got into the car with Scott and drove down to the Comfort Inn to find out. This is what we saw when we drove up!

This is Optimus Prime, well the truck they use for him in anyways. They were the actual movie set vehicles. The had signs up saying "Take all the Pictures you want, but PLEASE KEEP OFF!" Even with ALL the people there we managed to get some decent pictures with just us in them.

Here is Scott with Optimus Prime. Luckily he got the pictures he wanted to see before he got a call (EMT) and had to transport someone to Provo, I bet he wishes his ambulance looked like Ratchet's!

On the truck in front of Optimus Prime they also had Ratchet, the H2 Ambulance version. It got a new paint job compared to the previous movies.

Scott wishing his ambulance looked like Ratchet.

Abby still as excited as a little kid to see the Transformers. Wesley was really excited too, he was just trying to hide his excitement.

The front emblem on Optimus Prime. Very Cool!!!

You can kinda see a small group of people gathered and the hotel. There was 15-20 people just outside the picture frame.

Just wanted to point out the Paramount Pictures Logo on the transport truck. There were a few more trucks in the lot across the street. They had boxed trailers so Wesley suspects they had a few of the other Autobots or Decepticons inside.

Wesley with Ratchet and Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime from a pretty cool angle

Scott and Ratchet again

We always take a picture holding the camera for ourselves so we decided to try it out. didn't work so well for the background, but not a terrible picture.


Wesley, Abby, Scott and Optimus Prime and Ratchet.

Just another angle

Logo on the Side of Ratchet. Pretty cool looking

Tiffany came to see a little later. We didn't have any pictures of her to put on but she was there with us. Overall it was a very fun end to our Anniversary night. We were glad we decided to stay an extra night in Payson. Wesley is a little obsessed with Transformers but most guys we know are and its a lot of fun.