Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wedding and GEO caching

Tega and Jer's wedding was Saturday night, it was a lot of fun. It was the perfect wedding for Tega and Jer. Abby was so glad that she could be a part of their special day. This photo is right before Tega had her wedding dress on. At their wedding there was so many people with camera's that Abby didn't take many photos, partly because she was a part of the wedding party.

This is Abby running around trying to get everything set up before the ceremony started.

This was their really cool Wedding cake, and it tasted really good also.

Every third Sunday we eat dinner at the Ferguson's house. Last Sunday after dinner Allen and Brittany wanted to go GEO Caching around the Ferguson's house. This is a photo of our first find. Wesley, Abby, Brittany, Laura, Megan, Allen, and Carter all went. Allen and Brittany really like to go GEO Caching, they took their GPS with them when they went to Hawaii and they were able to find GEO Cache locations there.

Abby found the Second GEO Cache item.

Wesley found the third GEO Cache item. He was a good sport for going into the brushes and scratching up his arm to find the box.

Little Carter wanted to help Wesley see what was in the box.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Past week

I had just got my hair cut and wanted to take a picture but I didn't want to take the picture of just myself so I had Wesley be in the photo with me. In these photos we are sitting at the airport waiting for my parents to return home from Disneyworld. Wesley was getting tired of me taking pictures of him while waiting...

Thursday night we had an all-nighter with friends. Phil, Laura B, Cambri, and Kris came over. The whole plan was to play games all night. Laura, Cami and I couldn't stay awake all night so we finally went to bed about 3:00 am. The rest of the boys stayed up all night and when we woke up at 8:00 am they were just getting done beating Halo. We played Halo online with family in Payson until 1:00 am ( I didn't I don't like to play too much but I watch and cheer them on). Kris got about an hour of sleep before he had to leave for work on Friday. Wesley and Phil took a nap for about two hours while Laura B. and I made bows. Little Cami was trying to help us make bows too. (Sorry I didn't get more photos of that night). These little bows I made I gave to my niece Darcey for her Birthday, she loved them it was so cute when she opened them. Thank you Laura B. for showing me how to make such cute bows.

We got a new table for Easter from my parents. The funny thing is we just bought a little table too but its perfect for our little house and easy to fold up if guests come sleep on the air mattress. The other picture is showing our new shelf we got from Ikea to add something new to our place to make it a little bit more homey.