Thursday, September 25, 2014

3rd Trimester 1/2/14-4/1/14

Jan. 9th MFM study (ultrasound) (movie)

Jan. 16th (Ultrasound)

 Jan. 19th 29 weeks 3 days (photos)

Jan. 27th Dr Harward 30 week 3 days

Moms Blood Pressure: 110/60
Moms Weight: 208 lb
Baby Heart Beat: 150
MEDs: Calcium 750mg, Folic Acid w/ DHA, Allergy Relief, Provida (prenatal vitamin), Docusate (Colace) 2 a day, and Prevacid 1 in the morning.
Notes: I stopped taking the baby Aspirin by week 30. I did keep on taking it ever other day for a few more weeks to slowly stop it as the doctor had suggested. Jan. 6th did my 1 hour glucose test and I passed my with a 103. For Christmas Wesley got me new Lazy Boy chair to sleep in. I wished I could sleep in the bed but I hate being in pain. I had started to gain some water weight and my feet get swallon by the end of the day. I got ted hose to help we with my feet and legs at this point.

Jan. 30th Payson baby shower

It was really nice of Tiffany, Nicole, Rachelle, Amanda, and Roberta in throwing a great shower. I asked for a book shower because I wanted to get as many books as we can so we can read to Samuel. I received a lot of great books. Tiffany found books that went with the foods. It was a really cute idea. It was really sweet of everyone who came even though it was practically a blizzard outside.

Feb. 6th NST test (photos)

At work they were learning how to do a Non-Stress Test (NST) and I was the only one in the office that was pregnant that they could practice on. I sat there for an hour just listening to Samuel's heart beat. It was really cool but glad I didn't HAVE to do it once a week, or even every other day like some of the patients with complications. 

Feb. 15th Salt Lake Baby Shower

I had a great baby shower in Salt Lake. Big thank you to my Mom, Megan, Laura, Jenny, Brittany, and Tega for putting together a fun shower. This shower was a diaper shower and it turned out pretty good. When someone brought a pack of diapers they put a ticket in a drawing and my sister gave them prizes. I received a lot of diapers, actually we didn't have to buy diapers until Samuel was in size 2 diapers. It was a really good idea. Thank you every one who came and supported us. 

Feb. 20th Dr Harward 33 weeks 6 days

Moms Blood Pressure: 110/64
Moms Weight: 218 lb
Baby Heart Beat: 150
MEDs: Calcium 750mg, Folic Acid w/ DHA, Allergy Relief, Provida (prenatal vitamin), Docusate (Colace) 2 a day, and Prevacid 1 in the morning.
Notes: I got an other cold and with this one I lost my voice and had to take off work. The doctor gave me an antibiotic for it, I took the first dose and started to have itchy hand and arms. I needed a second dose because I wasn't getting better. The itching was driving me crazy, I was afraid something serious was wrong because there is condition pregnant women can get that causes itchy feet and hands. We did blood work and I did NOT have that condition thankfully. I stopped the antibiotic and the itching stopped a few days after. We think I started to itch because while pregnant there isn't great blood flow and so the antibiotic wasn't able to move around like normal. At this point I was pretty swollen and had edema pretty bad.

Feb. 23rd 40 days to go Wesley birthday 28.

I thought it was really cool that on Wesley's birthday I only had 40 more days to go. Just another cool fact. 

Feb. 25th 34 week (ultrasound) 

March 1st Abby Birthday 29

For my birthday I wanted to go and get my nails done, so Rachelle said she would go with me. It was a lot of fun to be pampered for a few hours. Then after getting our nails done we went to dinner to Olive Garden. It was a relaxing quiet birthday. 

March 3rd Dr Harward 35 weeks 3 days

Moms Blood Pressure: 104/68
Moms Weight: 221 lb
Baby Heart Beat: 150
MEDs: Calcium 750mg, Folic Acid w/ DHA, Allergy Relief, Provida (prenatal vitamin), Docusate (Colace) 2 a day, and Prevacid 1 in the morning.
Notes: At this appointment I found out that I had Strep B. This meant when I go into Labor I would need to have antibiotic so I don't pass it to Samuel. I also had ultrasounds done on my legs and groin because I was having a lot more pain and the doctors wanted to make sure it wasn't blood clots. All the Ultrasounds looked good. Also did ultrasound on my ribs to see if my gallbladder and liver was working okay because I was still having rib pain.

Thank you to Kim for taking the photos for us.

March 4th Work Baby shower

It was really nice of my coworker for throwing me a baby shower. We had a lot of fun. LeeAnn had put together a matching game, it was a lot of fun. I had great coworkers and a great time there. I miss them a lot. 

March 10th Dr Harward 36 weeks 3 days

Moms Blood Pressure: 118/80
Moms Weight: 223 lb
Baby Heart Beat: 150
MEDs: Calcium 750mg, Folic Acid w/ DHA, Allergy Relief, Provida (prenatal vitamin), Docusate (Colace) 2 a day, and Prevacid 1 in the morning.
Notes: Everything is looking really good. I was hoping that the doctor would check me but told me that he would check me in 2 weeks. I was just hoping that I was making some progression. The doctor did tell me to go for lots of walks to see if it will help the baby drop. 

March 17th (37 weeks 3 days) Wesley's job offer…
Wesley received a job offer in Texas!  He was offered a position as a Computer Forensic Consultant with AccessData.  We had to talk and pray about it a lot, but in the end it was such a great opportunity for our family that we couldn't pass it up!

Moms Blood Pressure: 96/62
Moms Weight: 225 lb
Baby Heart Beat: 150
MEDs: Calcium 750mg, Folic Acid w/ DHA, Allergy Relief, Provida (prenatal vitamin), Docusate (Colace) 2 a day, and Prevacid 1 in the morning.
Notes: Feeling good but feeling like I was done and ready to have him and to meet my sweet boy. 

March 18th (ultrasound)

March 22nd (Dancing)

This Saturday Gracie and Peyton wanted to dance and I told them that they need to dance to the song "Cupid Shuffle" so I had to get up and show them how to do the dance. This is how a 9 month pregnant woman shows kids how to dance. The shadow pictures is me trying to show you how big I looking in my shadow while Wesley was helping Gracie ride a bike. 

March 24th (38 weeks 3 days)

Moms Blood Pressure: 100/66
Moms Weight: 230 lb
Baby Heart Beat: 150
MEDs: Calcium 750mg, Folic Acid w/ DHA, Allergy Relief, Provida (prenatal vitamin), Docusate (Colace) 2 a day, and Prevacid 1 in the morning.
Notes: The doctor did check me but my cervic was closed and still really high. It made me super bummed because I wanted to make sure I had the baby before Wesley left for Texas for his new job. I tried to talk the doctor in to inducing me early but he couldn't and with everything looking good with the baby and me he couldn't induce me early. He could induce me on April 14th if I hadn't had him yet.

March 25th 

I had to share this photo because it is one of the last photos that was taken of me before he was born, and they weren't taking a picture of me they were taking a picture of the kids. Wesley was signing all the paper work for his new job. I know I look huge. Oh well it was worth it.

March 30th

I had to share how fat my feet looked right before I go to bed, and this is me sitting in my lazy boy chair getting ready to go to bed.

March 31st (39 weeks 3 days) MONDAY

Moms Blood Pressure: 122/80
Moms Weight: 229 lb
Baby Heart Beat: 150
MEDs: Calcium 750mg, Folic Acid w/ DHA, Allergy Relief, Provida (prenatal vitamin), Docusate (Colace) 2 a day, and Prevacid 1 in the morning.
Notes: The doctor checked me and I was still closed and hadn't dropped at all. So we talked about what we should do to have this baby. We weren't too worried, but Wesley was leaving for Texas on April 10th and my doctor was going to be out of town next week. We decided with the doctor that our best option is to plan on doing C-section on Wednesday.  The doctor suggested this because of how my cervix was sitting and especially due to family history in this situation. 

This photos is for the last night before we had Samuel. While I was reading to Peyton I was having some pains but didn't think anything of it. 

Tuesday April 1st Samuel's Birthday...

Monday, September 22, 2014

2nd Trimester 10/1/13- 1/1/14

Oct 2nd (ultrasound) its a BOY

At about 14 to 15 weeks the Ultrasound tech said he would look to see if we could find out the gender. We set up a time with him and we had Rachelle, Tiffany, Peyton, and Savannah come with Wesley to see what it was. Something that I will always remember was Savannah first looked at the screen and told us that the baby was swimming. We all that that was really cool that she could tell that and no one told her that the baby was swimming. Of course we found out we were going to have a boy, Wesley and I were excited for a BOY! At this point we both just wanted a healthy baby. This time around, the Ultrasound tech said that he was 75% SURE that it was a boy. But we could check again in a week. 

Oct. 8th (ultrasound) confirmed IT'S A BOY!

Oct 9th flowers from Wesley at work (photo):

I was having a bad day because I started to wear maternity clothes and some people at and home had made some really mean comments. It was really hard to be not fighting in your own clothes and now I could wear something that fits, but people couldn't be nice. Wesley was really sweet and sent me Flowers. I really Loved them he doesn't send flowers very often because we were always on a tight budget, so it was a really great surprise. Everyone at work loved them too.

Oct. 15th (ultrasound) 

Oct. 24th (ultrasound)

Oct. 28th, Dr. Harward: 17 weeks 3 days

Moms Blood Pressure: 100/68
Moms Weight: 184 lb
Baby Heart Beat: 160
MEDs: Calcium 750mg, Folic Acid w/ DHA, Allergy Relief, Provida (prenatal vitamin), Docolace (Colace) 2 a day, Baby Aspirin, and Prevacid 1 in the morning.
Notes: At the begaining of October I went to Salt Lake for a Funeral and for Women's Conference, and my drive home was super hard. My body started to hurt a lot and this is when my rib pain started. At this point sleeping was okay but it was frustrating because I couldn't sleep on my back. I'd caught another cold and really needed to avoid sleeping on my back because I was getting fluid on my lungs. I couldn't wear my wedding ring any more either.

Oct 31st Halloween 17 weeks 6 days (photos)

Nov. 5th Maternal Fetal Medicine study (ultrasound)

Nov. 9th (photo shoot) 20 weeks 1 day

Our families knew what we were having shortly after we found out, but we didn't tell Facebook Friends until we did this photo shoot.

 I wanted to make note of how we told my family. On the Sunday of ever month my Parents have dinner with all of us kids. This Sunday Wesley and I brought brownies. We told them that if the brownies had nuts in them that it was a BOY if they didn't, then we were having a GIRL. My family all thought it was a funny way to announce it.  My 10 year old nephew commented about 10 minutes after we'd all starting eating the brownies, "OH! I GET IT!"

Thank you Tiffany for taking the photos for us.

Nov. 19th (ultrasound) 20 week ultrasound

I loved seeing his hands and feet and they were moving around the whole time. He always had his arms up by his face. 

Nov. 25th Dr Harward 21 weeks 3 days

Moms Blood Pressure: 100/62
Moms Weight: 192 lb
Baby Heart Beat: 160
MEDs: Calcium 750mg, Folic Acid w/ DHA, Allergy Relief, Provida (prenatal vitamin), Docolace (Colace) 2 a day, Baby Aspirin, and Prevacid 1 in the morning.
Notes: I had been feeling the baby move a little at this point. I remember some times I would get nervous he wasn't moving a lot but I had to remember he was still little and he could be sleeping. I remember at Thanksgiving I had got really nervous because he wasn't moving very much but I drank a really cold drink and he started to move, a lot!

Nov. 30th got baby dresser (photos):

We went to Ikea and found dressers for Me and Samuel. The ones we chose were just wood and I wanted them to be black so I painted them while Wesley put up Christmas lights on a weekend while the Keesler's were out of town so we could paint them in the garage where their car would have been.

Dec. 3rd 22 weeks 4 days (photos)
Thank you Michelle for taking the photos for me.

Dec. 9th (ultrasound)

Dec 22nd Sunday before Christmas (photos)

I didn't really like this photo because this top made me look huge, And Wesley hated how messed up his tie is, but oh well it is still a cute photo of us. 
Thank you Tiffany for taking the photos for us.
Dec 23-Dec 25th (photos)

For Christmas we went up to Temple Square to see the lights and for Christmas we just stayed home with the Keesler's. We didn't want to be driving on Christmas and I wasn't really comfortable being in the car.  The Sunday after Christmas we went up to Salt Lake to do Christmas with the Ferguson's.

Dec. 23rd Dr Harward 25 weeks 3 days

Moms Blood Pressure: 100/60
Moms Weight: 198 lb
Baby Heart Beat: 160
MEDs: Calcium 750mg, Folic Acid w/ DHA, Allergy Relief, Provida (prenatal vitamin), Docolace (Colace) 2 a day, Baby Aspirin, and Prevacid 1 in the morning.
Notes: Before my next visit I needed to do the Glucose test. I was really nervous in doing this test because my Sister Megan had Gestational Diabetes. I was feeling the baby move a lot now. 
To help me sleep I got a huge body pillow that I was sleeping with to keep me on my side. It helped for a few months but I started to have really bad hip and groin pain, and especially having a hard time breathing sleeping in bed. I started to sleep in a lazy boy chair. I would start out in bed and really wanted to stay in bed, but I just couldn't sleep, so the recliner it was. I was still having the rib pain sometimes on the right and sometimes on the left.
Dec. 25th 100 more days to go....
On Christmas I had 100 days to go until my due date. I thought it was really cool fact. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

5th IUI – Positive Pregnancy Test /1st Trimester 7/26/13-9/30/13

This I know is old stuff but I really would like to share my story, for posterity sake if nothing else.

June 28th Day 1 - Started medication for 5th IUI
July 1st Day 3 - Dr. Foulk Ultrasound
July 8th Day 10 - Dr. Foulk Ultrasound
July 10th Day 12 - Dr. Foulk/Chiropractic Ultrasound
July 15th Day 18 - IUI procedure

Since our last post about our Fertility we had skipped a month and to make sure that the follicles were on the right side. I did all the meds again with all the ultrasounds. As before, had the IUI with the follicle on the right side. 
 After two weeks of painful waiting we finally had our test back, and it was POSITIVE!  My HCG level was 31 but the doctors office told me congrats, it IS positive, but we need you to do follow up blood work in 48 hours. The nurse finished the phone call with, "This pregnancy is looking really good we just need to make sure your numbers are going up." We got the answer that it was OFFICIALLY positive on July 26th 2013. 
There are 2 lines there if you look very closely.

 I thought I was pregnant because I was feeling sick more now and I couldn't really eat all the foods that I loved, particularly a bagel and cream cheese. I could only take a few bits. I thought it was weird that I didn’t like what I was eating now.

July 26th, was Ledger’s 2nd birthday party, so we drove up to Salt Lake to see everyone.   

It was really hard to not tell anyone what we just found out a few hours before this. 

July 29th.  

Monday morning we did more blood work and my HCG level was 177 the number had more than tripled from Friday's levels. That was a really good sign the pregnancy was viable, at least so far. We were really excited and decided to share the news, with our parents anyway.

July 31st.

We did another blood test at work because we all wanted to see if my numbers were still going up. HCG level was 500, 1-2 wk gestation. All of this was so surreal and exciting.

Aug. 2nd. Cordery Family Reunion. 

This was the first reunion for our family, at least in a long time. It was lots of fun seeing my cousins and their kids. I had started feeling really nauseated now, and was expecting more morning sickness, but for me it was always at night and/or the middle of the day. I also started to feel really tired often.  

Aug. 6th 5 weeks 4 days 

Aug. 13th 1st (ultrasound)

On a Tuesday when I was getting ready for work, I started later on Tuesdays, I got ready to leave and right before I left I noticed that I started to have spotting. I started to panic a little. I text one of the nurses at work and asked if one of the Ultrasound texts were in so we could do a quick ultrasound to see if things were okay. Once I got to work we did an ultrasound, things looked good and we couldn't see a bleed anywhere.  To my relief we were also able to hear a good heartbeat. I was able to breath again for now, knowing that things were still okay. 

Aug. 14th (after work bleeding.) 

Wednesday after work I got home and went to the bathroom and noticed that there was blood in the toilet and now I was bleeding more than spotting. It was bright red and from my experience working in a OB office I would hear all the horror stories of women losing their babies, so now I was in a panic because I was just hoping that I was not miscarrying because it has taken so long to get where we were. I told Wesley and he talked to his mom and we called the doctors and they told me to rest and put my feet up and drink lots of water and if I start having heavy bleeding go to the ER but it was already heavy bleeding like a period. I called two doctors because I hadn’t been cleared from the Fertility Center yet so I called their on call doctor and they told me to just rest and to wait it out. I call my doctors I work with / my doctors office and I got the on-call doctor, he told me to rest and drink lots of water and to take tomorrow off. Then tomorrow to go and have an ultrasound to see what is going on. I was still freaking out inside and trying not to let people know that I terrified of losing the baby. I called and told my mom and told her to pray for us. We also texted our siblings and asked them all to pray for us. We wanted to find a fun way to share the news with them, but in need of prayers we decided to announce it and ask for their support.  We were going out of our minds trying not to worry, which seemed to add extra worry anyways.  It was a stressful time. That night I did a lot of praying and hoping that things would be okay.

Aug. 15th- Aug. 18th (2nd ultrasound good heart beat still bleeding. Bed Rest).

Thursday I took the day off and found someone to work for me. My manger was so nice and understanding. Thursday afternoon Wesley and I drove up to Provo to see what was going on to make sure things were okay. We did the ultrasound and found a good heartbeat, now they could see a sub chorionic bleed close to my cervix. Now we knew why I was bleeding and knew that baby was still okay.At this point I was still so nervous and scared but at least we knew baby was okay. On top of the bleeding I had a really bad cold which only added to the stress and nausea. I had to start taking my nausea medication regularly, before I was just taking it here and there. I took the rest of the week off to just stay in bed and rest to see if the bleeding would stop.  Now I was 6 weeks along and on bed rest, taking it really easy.  That weekend was really hard being sick and  unable to take anything for my cold not to mention worrying about the baby. I said a lot of prayers and tried to stay positive.   

Aug 19th (7 weeks) (1st Dr Foulk appointment 3rd ultrasound, good heart beat, still see the bleed.)

We went to our first Doctor's appointment since finding out we were pregnant. I was really nervous again/still going into the appointment after bleeding all weekend, and still bleeding. The Ultrasound Tech did the ultrasound and let us knows that things looked really well. Then the doctor came in and asked if we were excited, and we definitely were but I think he could tell that we were more nervous and had trouble expressing our excitement at this point. But we were excited, excited to see the heart beat again and to see that the bleeding would stop soon. 

Aug. 30th (9 week) 2nd Dr Foulk appointment. Graduation from Dr Foulks. (Ultrasound)

This was our second appointment with Dr Foulk before we were switch to our OB/GYN. Everything looked really good. Still had a little bit of brown spotting so I still needed to take it easy. One thing that I remember about this visit was when they gave us the Ultrasound photo and a card, they said "We are having Graduation for you to day." It was really cool that is how they tell their patients that they don’t have to see them again. Dr. Foulk said that he wanted a birth announcement so he can see how cute our baby is. (SPOILER:  He is incredibly cute!!)

Aug. 31st (Footsteps for Fertility walk) 

We had signed up for the Fertility Walk before we found out we were pregnant and we still could use the prize if we won because we would only have to use it within a year of winning. I talked with Wesley to see if we still wanted to put our names in or put someone else's name in. We had other people sign up with us,  every person who signed up under our name gave us a ticket in the drawing. We decided to help others who were still having trouble getting pregnant and gave our tickets to a friend that was also doing the walk. I wasn’t able to walk the 5k but Wesley pushed me in a wheel chair. My mom and Laura came and walked it with us.  Trent and Amanda ran the 5k, and I was so grateful for their support and love. We let Trent and Amanda that I was pregnant and so grateful they joined us. Thank you all for the support. 

Sept. 4th (1st Dr Harward appointment)

We had our first Doctors appointment with Dr. Harward. We were more excited at this appointment, and everything looked really well. 

It is hard to be putting my weight on here but I want to remember it all so please don't judge me. I would do it all over again.

Moms Blood Pressure: 108/64
Moms Weight: 175 lb
Baby Heart Beat: 160
MEDs: Allergy Relief, Provida (prenatal vitamin), Dolcolace (Colace) 2 a day, Baby Aspirin, and Progesterone, Ondansetron.
Notes: I had been not drinking any caffeine because they told me not to drink it while doing the fertility treatments. I was having a lot of head aches so Dr Harward told me to try drinking some caffeine to see if it would help with the head aches before he gave me medication for the head aches. I was taking zphoine and he was giving me blur vision and giving me head aches. I stopped Zphoine and not taking phogine for the morning sickness but only take it at night if I needed it. I was feeling really tired and warn out at this point I would come home from work and just rest and take it easy. 

Sept. 5th (MFM study)

We signed up for a First time mom study with Utah Valley Hospital. We had to go and see them 3 times during the pregnancy. These appointments would take about an hour for each. They drew blood, take cultures, and asked a lot of questions, then at the end of the appointment they do an ultrasound. These pictures were really cool and better because they were using a bigger machine. 

Sept. 20th 12 weeks (photo shoot)
This is how we announced that were we were pregnant. We waited until Oct 3rd to put them on Facebook, after we had told all the family. Also, I had sent out a birthday card to a friend telling her first, so she didn't find out on Facebook. She loved it! LOVE YOU SHAWNA. 

And a SPECIAL thank you to Tiffany Hanson for doing the photography for us!

Sept 25th (ultrasound)
We did an ultrasound for the fun of it at work. 

Sept. 30th (Dr Harward 13 weeks 3 days)

Moms Blood Pressure: 104/66
Moms Weight: 176 lb
Baby Heart Beat: 160
MEDs: Calcium 750mg, Folic Acid w/ DHA, Allergy Relief, Provida (prenatal vitamin), Dolcolace (Colace) 2 a day, Baby Aspirin, and Prevacid 1 in the morning.
Notes: Stopped Progesterone at 12 weeks. Started Prevacid for the acid reflects and Calcuim for the leg cramps. At this point I was not having much morning sickness as long as I took my Prevacid.