Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day at Sea then HOME

Day 7: Dec. 11th
Grand Turk to Day at Sea

Last day on the ship we just chilled outside in the sun. When we woke up the ship was rocking really bad, enough to swing the drawers and cabinets opened and closed in our room. It was windy so it made a it a little chilly to sit out in our swimming suit, but being outside helped Abby be less sea sick.

These our a few of the pictures that were taken of us on the ship. We didn't have enough money to buy all the photos so we took a few photos of our favorites.

That evening we all just chilled in one of the lounges playing games and talking.

This was the cute couple that was so friendly to us every night at dinner. Their children sent them on a cruise for their anniversary. They were also asking Abby how she was feeling because they saw she wasn't feeling so well, especially at dinner time. They were from a small town (and had always lived in a small town) in Nebraska. They were so impressed that we live in Salt Lake City, Utah and live right in town because they have never lived in such a big city.

All of our Towel Animals.

Day 8: Dec. 12th
Miami to Dallas Ft Worth to Salt Lake City
We were the lucky ones to fly through Dallas. Wesley's family flew through Detroit and got stuck over night due to a snow storm, crude return from the Caribbean. Surprisingly our trip home was mostly uneventful and smooth. A great ending to a great vacation.

Grand Turk

Day 6: Dec. 10th
San Juan Puerto Rico to Grand Turk- British Islands

This day was really windy and the water was really cold. We had a great time just spending time off the ship and walking the beach. Here are a few photos of what we did on the beach.

This is us waiting to depart from Grand Turk.

Abby's desert that she really liked and we had to take a picture of it.

Wesley's desert that he had every night.

Towel Frog
This is a video of our feet in the sand.

San Juan Puerto Rico

Day 5: Dec. 9th
ST. Thomas - US Virgin Island to San Juan Puerto Rico

We didn't really have any plans for our day at San Juan, but we could see the forts outside the windows on the ship and said we should go and check them out. We all decided to walk to the fort, it wasn't too far from the ship. Here are some photos of us at the first fort and what we saw. Enjoy...

This is the San Juan around the forts.

This is the second fort we walked to.

Boys will be boys

After waiting an hour for the trolley to come and pick us up we just decided to walk back to the ship, which was a better idea anyways. This is the old part of San Juan. It was so cool we wish we had more time to spend in town.

This is the view from the ship when we were leaving port.

Towel Mouse

Here are a few videos of what we saw in San Juan. The last video is the little kids playing with birds in the old part of town.