Monday, April 26, 2010

Wesley's IV Class

Wesley's IV Class

Wesley got Nationally Certified in Phlebotomy last October and wanted to get more training so he took an IV class this month. He hopes to find a job soon doing both or either one. He really enjoys it and has become pretty good at it.

Like his Phlebotomy class they had a "Friends and Family" night to practice. We had quite a few people come help.
I kind of bled a little when Wesley was putting the I.V. tubes in place.

Wesley practicing on me. The instructor had us stop and pose for this picture

The IV catheter pinched in my arm. Wesley has it pinched so it doesn't bleed everywhere.

The inside of the arm is pretty painful!

Megan didn't want to watch so she's concentrating on something else.

Megan's arm with a syringe of fluid

The Howells came to help, Chad let Wesley practice too.
Aubrey, Jennidee, Chad and Wesley

He got a whole bag of fluids.
Jennidee wanted some bandages like her Dad so we wrapped her arms up, She was very happy about it.

Kris getting a full I.V. bag, you can't see it, but he drained the entire bag in about 15 minutes, he must have been pretty dehydrated.

This is Scott's arm. There is blood everywhere because while Wesley was was placing the catheter the needle filled up with blood so fast the back of it fell off (The little plastic piece next to his arm). Blood was just pumping straight out until Wesley could get it pinched off.

More pictures of the bloody mess on Scott.
Don't worry we cleaned up the mess after pictures.

Scott also got a full bag of fluids (Which when you get at a hospital your insurance is usually charged about $285 per bag!).

Thank you to everyone who came to help out!!

Family Dinner April 18th

After family dinner we played games outside together. We do family dinner every 3rd Sunday at the Ferguson's house.

Jason (Megan's boyfriend), Laura, and Easton. Easton had fun climbing through the holes.

Wesley, Dad, Mom, Brittany, and Darcey

Brittany, Matt (Laura's Boyfriend), and Megan

Easton, Darcey, Mom, Brittany, and Megan

Wesley and I

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We went shooting for a little bit while down in Leamington after helping Nicole and Cody. Wesley and Tim had a good time shooting (7mm Pistol and 357 Lever-Action Rifle); Abby on the other hand didn't really like it. There was too much kick for her so it made her nervous.




Bowling with Halls

We went bowling and got dinner with our neighbors downstairs. We went bowling at Fat Cats and dinner at the Pizza Factory. We had a really good time spending time out with friends.

Wesley and Abby

Brittney and Tanner

The next two are videos of us just having a little fun and being ourselves. In the movie with Abby walking funny she didn't know Wesley was videoing her.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We made home-made picture frames. We got all the supplies and took it down to Payson to put together. My camera died and I couldn't take pictures of that part of the project.
Thank you so much for all the help from David, Wesley, Tim, and Scott. I am so excited to have frames on my paintings.
I have been waiting and thinking of how we were going to buy frames, we looked and it was going to be over $400, so we just thought that we should make them even though they look a little home-made (Final Cost about $35 total). I love them so much. So happy that we have them done and they look so good now on the wall. Thank you Wesley so much for your help with it all and it is the best late Valentine and Birthday gift ever.

(Don't mind the mess in the spare room)

This painting is above our couch in the front room. Wesley was sitting on the couch at the time when I was taking the pictures and he asked me to not take a picture of him.