Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This year we were in Payson for Thanksgiving, There was a lot of family coming to town for the weekend. We were excited to see everyone again. There were 27 people. It was a lot of fun.


Most of the boys played Football on the Xbox while the girls and a few boys played board games. All the Grown ups were in the kitchen cooking or doing something in there.

(Me, Laura, Megan, Kesley, and Daniel)

Uncle Rob, Aunt Robin, Kris (sitting on the couch), David(on the computer), Daniel, Kesley, Laura, and I (at the table)

After dinner we celebrated Robert's birthday. It was really cool to celebrate his birthday with everyone one there.

This was Gracie's first time eating cake by herself. It was really cute watching her make a mess of it all.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jazz Game

We were able to go to the the Jazz Game last saturday. David (Wesley's Dad) won six Jazz ticket. He asked us if we would like two of the tickets. We said we would love to go. Nicole, Cody, Robert and Clarissa were the other four that went with us. Before the game we all met up at Olive Garden up town. Then we took TRAX to the game. By us taking TRAX from Olive Garden we didn't have to pay much for parking and we didn't hit all the traffic after the game. We all had a great time. It was so much fun being able to hang out with Family. We don't get to hang out with them very often because they all live down south, so when we get to we really have a great time. The Jazz won, they were playing the Portland Blazers.
Wesley and I (Yes those are cheap Jr. Jazz jerseys, had to support the jazz somehow)

Nicole, Cody, Clarissa, and Robert

This is Wesley and I when the game was over.

This is in front of the Energy Solutions Arena after the game.

Wesley wanted to wear Jazz stuff so we went to the DI to look for something to wear. This is all we could find, Jr. Jazz jerseys, but at least it was something to support them. We got them for $3 each it was a really great deal. I don't think we'll ever wear them again but it is okay it was worth it for the night. We'll probably donate them back to DI

Thank you David for giving us the tickets, we had a great time at the game.