Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chrismas Night

Ferguson's house

This is all the gifts under the tree at the Ferguson house. All the gifts were still unopened although it was around 5 pm. The kids were more than excited to get home from Grandmas house so they could open all their gifts with everyone, especially the ones from Santa Claus. They all waited for everyone to be there before opening gifts. It was really nice of them to wait for us.
The tree and gifts.
Even Baby Owen was really excited to finally get to open gifts.
Easton wasn't sure what was going on but he was having fun playing with the bowl that was there to catch his throw up. Easton has been sick lately and likes to throw up a lot so they just didn't want him to throw up all over the floor and himself. He never did throw up but it was there just in case.
Someone had a bow on their gift and it had fallen apart and so Wesley put them on his ears. It was really funny.
Laura and her crazy face.
Darcey had fallen asleep on the way to my parents house so she didn't get to open her gift with all of us but she didn't care she still loved opening all her gifts.
Wesley and I brought our Nintendo DS' to play games and Megan got one for Christmas. All the kids saw us playing them, and watched jealously, so we let them play with them. We showed them how they could draw pictures and write messages to each other. It was really cute to see them all drawing pictures back and forth.

After opening gifts we ate dinner and played games. This year we had a white Christmas for sure. By the time Wesley and I got to our Apartment at 9:30 PM we had about 3 inches of fresh snow on the ground .....and our car. We hope everyone had a great Christmas. We love you all.


Christmas Afternoon at Grandma's house
This is Easton (Allen and Britney's (my brother and sister-in-law) little boy) just waking up and crawling on the floor chasing a ball.

Extended Family

While we were at my Grandmas house we ate lunch and then we played some gift exchange games and then talked with everyone for a while. It was the fist time in about three years that we had everyone there, well Laura was not there until later that night because she had to work until four. It was really nice to see everyone and to see my cousin's children.

Christmas Morning

Gifts at the Keesler's

This is a photo of the gifts around the tree Christmas Morning at Wesley's parents house. That big gift in front of the computer chair is for Wesley and I.
This is the stockings all filled up. It was pretty cool that Rachelle's stocking holders actually held the stockings with all the weight.
This is what was in the big gift. Wesley always teased his parents saying he wanted an HDTV, and I always knew he was just teasing with them because we knew it was a lot of money. But they surprised us with this TV and we are so grateful because now we don't have to save our money for a TV we can use our money for some thing else like a kitchen table. Thank you so much for the new TV.

Christmas Eve

Our Ginger Bread House's

The front door of our ginger bread house.
Wesley did a great job on the the roof, I was in charge of doing all the lights. If you can tell Wesley put Santa and his slay on the roof top too. We even had Rudolph on the top.
This was Wesley's idea to put the U on the Roof. The Photo below is the other side of the roof with the chimney on it.
We spent Christmas Eve in Payson. Wesley's family celebrates a lot on Christmas Eve. Rachelle made her chili, which is a Christmas Eve tradition. After we ate we all paired up (Well the three married couples, and then Timothy) and made the Ginger Bread Houses. It was a fun idea to do it even though it was messy thing to do.
We are just trying to eat our House while Tiffany was taking pictures of us. We really didn't eat it, we wouldn't have been able because Wesley and I had to use superglue on our house because the roof wouldn't stop sliding off.
Here is all of us and our ginger bread houses. David and Rachelle did make one they just watched us all make them, which I'm sure was just as entertaining. They were going to be the judges, but all of our houses were so different it was too hard to pick the best one.
The rest of the night we exchanged gifts with who we had drawn a name for. Then we played games and got ready for bed so we could be rested up for the next morning.

Friday, December 19, 2008

One Year and Six Months

Wesley and I have been married for six months today but that isn't the best part about it all. Wesley asked me to marry him a year ago today. We were in Cayman Islands on Seven mile beach. We are so grateful for Daniel's help.

I had no idea that Wesley was going to ask me to marry him. The first picture is on our way to the beach and the second is after we got back to the ship after the beach.

When we first got to the beach Wesley and I went on this paddle boat. I had always wanted to go on one of these so we tried it out. David, Rachelle and Daniel thought Wesley was going to ask me on the paddle boat. So they were watching us very very carefully. I was thinking that something was up by now but wasn't sure what was going on. I still didn't think that Wesley was going to ask me to marry him. Just thought Wesley was acting weird for some reason.
This is how Wesley asked me. He had Daniel write it in the sand behind us, we had been sitting on the beach in front of Daniel in the water. I really had no idea what Daniel was doing when he was playing in the sand. I just thought that he was playing making something like a cool Castle (Partly because that's what they told me). That is how Wesley got me to go and see what he was doing, he told me to go and see Daniel's cool castle. When I looked at it I really thought it was a castle. I didn't know it was "Will You Marry Me" until Wesley told me to read it, and then I got it. You will be able to tell that in the video and Wesley was having a hard time getting the ring out of his pocket, only because it was tied tightly to a strap so it didn't get lost.
This is our remake for better photos so we could get the words and us in the picture. Wesley and I rewrote it and had Daniel take the pictures for us.
Want to tell Daniel Thank you so much for your help writing in the sand. I am not sure if Wesley could of pulled it off by himself. We love you so much and we miss you.
This is the Photo we went and got done while we were on the ship before dinner. We had been standing in front of a green background and Wesley's t-shirt was green too so that is why the background is on Wesley's t-shirt too. We could fix the photo but it is a great memory so we just haven't fixed it yet.

I just want to tell David and Rachelle thank you for inviting me to go on the Cruise with you guys, and getting to share that time with you. I want to tell Daniel thank you again for your help and willingness to share your room with Wesley and I on the ship. I also want to tell Wesley I love you so much. I will never forget your great proposal. Thank you for surprising me with it all.

Proposal Video

Wesley Proposing...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas time at Temple Square

We had friends from California in town, they came to see Temple Square. Andy was Wesley's mission companion and they now think of each other as Brothers. We had a great time checking out Temple square with them.

This is the Tabernacle right before the big Concert on Saturday night. It looked really nice for Christmas.

It was a lot of fun seeing them always laughing and having a good time with each other.
Nikki and I just sat back and watched it all. Nikki is Andy's fiance, they are getting married in March and came to Utah because Andy wanted Nikki to see the Christmas Lights on Temple Square.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Trip

Our trip to Shelley, Idaho; Spokane, Washington; Kalispell, Montana; then back to Utah...
First house we stayed at on our trip. We stayed in Shelley, Idaho at Kevin's parent's house. We had stopped there because we were saving gas by dropping off Tiffany so she didn't have drive by herself, we were going to pass right by Shelley anyways. We stayed there for one night to rest and then got back on the road.

Second house we stayed at, Jenny's house in Spokane, Washington. We got there on Wednesday and we left Friday morning. We spent Thanksgiving with the Jenny and her family. While we were there Abby was able to take family photos for them. Megan and Adam came to Spokane too.
Third house we stayed at, Klingensmith's house in Kalispell, Montana. We decided to go to Montana too because Pama and Papa were there for Thanksgiving, and we hadn't seen them for a while. We weren't too far away from them anyways. The Keesler's were there too. David, Rachelle and Timothy drove up on Wednesday to spend the holiday. It was a packed house but we all had a lot of fun. We played games with everyone like Apples to Apples, and Sardines. Sardine's is like Hide and Seek, except there is only one person who hides while everyone else looks. Once you find the hider, you squish next to them and everyone does the same until everyone is squished together. It was a lot of fun to see everyone getting into it.
Photos of the drive to Washington. We tried to take photos of each state sign when we drove through, We missed a few, but here are the ones we did get.
We were so excited when we saw the Washington sign because that meant we had less than an hour until we got to Jenny's house.
Photo's that Wesley took on our way to Montana. Wesley has a great eye for great photos. And yes, sadly he was driving at the same time, but never took his eyes off the road.
Wesley's photo again on our drive to Montana.
On our way to Montana Abby got really sick. She never threw up but she thought she was going to the whole four hour drive to the Klingensmith's house. She felt so bad that she was sick and didn't get to see the beautful drive there. Wesley took some really cool photos of the drive though.
This is what we saw on our way home on Sunday. We followed the Keesler's home. It was really nice to have other people on the road with us. We had Timothy and Kelsey in our car. David and Rachelle were by themsevles until we picked up Tiffany at lunch. We met Kevin and Tiffany for lunch in Dillon, Montana. Kevin was heading to Great Falls so he brought Tiffany to us which made it a little easier, but she spent an extra 4 unnecessary hours in the car. By the end of our trip we had been in the car for 24 hours and traveled 1625 miles. We were excited to be home and to be able to get out of the car. We had a great time on our trip other than Abby getting sick and Wesley returned home with a really bad cold. We are so grateful for our families and that we were able to spend time with both of our them over the Holidays.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


We went to the Utah vs. BYU game. We had been so excited to go to the game all week long. All we could hope was for Utah to win.

The two bands were playing Patriotic songs during half time. It was the battle of the bands.

No explanation is neccesary for the following picture.

It must have been colder than we remember.