Friday, October 31, 2008

Timothy's home coming.

Timothy came home Oct. 24th at 12:15. There was a nice group of people there to welcome him home. Tim was so excited to see all of us there. He is so excited to be home. After we were done at the Airport we all went to Red Robin for lunch. Then at 6:00pm there was a big welcome home party for Timothy. We are excited to have Tim home. We love you Timothy.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Welcome Home Scott

Wesley's cousin just returned home from his mission in Taiwan. Scott was really happy to be home. It was really cool for Abby to meet him for the first time. Scott was a little unsure who she was because she was taking a lot of pictures of him for the family. He figured out fast who she was though. After the airport we all went to Texas Road House for dinner, there was 14 of us altogether. It was cool to hear his stories about his mission and that he really enjoyed what he had done. Welcome Home Scott. We love you.

Hunting for deer

Wesley was drawn for the deer hunt along with his brother-in-law Cody. We all went hunting though, but weren't very successful. We saw plenty of Elk and a few Doe, but no Buck. We really thought we would see a few because Cody scoped out a couple the previous week, but the must have known we were coming.
Although the hunting part was unsuccessful the day was still really fun. We all rode Cody and Nicole's horses so that we could get around better, but they only had 4 horses so Abby doubled on Nicoles horse. Wesley's horse was trying to eat everything in sight, while walking so it kept us pretty entertained. We were both so sore by the end of the day, we think anyone would be after 8+ hours on a horse though.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We thought to see how good we could skateboard. It was a lot of fun trying to, but we fail miserably, but had a lot of fun. We have thought of getting Abby a skateboard so she can get to class faster from TRAX. We haven't gotten her one yet because she is worried she would hurt herself (Wesley is almost positive she would hurt herself). Hope you all enjoy the pictures of us skateboarding.

Wesley Being a Jokester...

Caitlin (Wesley's Cousin) had her car all decked out with BYU crap and so Wesley decide to tease her and put U of U stuff all over her car. He has so much fun teasing his family. Caitlin was a good sport about it when she saw it. She wanted to keep it on her car so she could show her boyfriend. He is a HUGE BYU fan. Caitlin was a U fan until she started dating him. While Wesley was in the mood to tease people he went into Timothy's room and put U of U and Florida State stuff up all over his room. He did this because Timothy is a big BYU fan and an even bigger Gator fan (weird because everyone else in the family is fans of Florida State) so there is always a bit of sibling rivalry going on. It will be fun to see what Timothy does when he see's his room when he gets home next Saturday. (Just had to mention he spent the last 2 years in the Florida Tallahassee Mission, which by the way is FLORIDA STATE COUNTRY.)

Football game: Utah vs. Weber State

This is us at the Utah vs. Weber State game. We had a lot of fun. We didn't sit in our seats this time because we wanted to actually sit down so we just moved up where there were empty seats. The people at games are really fun to watch. Fans do crazy things for their favorite team. We just sit there and watch the people well, I do, while Wesley watching the game. At this game there was a crazy guy running around with a big red cape with a "U" on it, he also had on a big fluffy wig, other than that he only had on some tennis shoes and a pair of Depends underwear! Yikes!