Sunday, May 1, 2011

MS Walk 2011: Shawna's team Utah

I was able to participate in the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Walk for a very important person in my life, Shawna Otte. I am so glad that I had the chance to do this walk with many of my friends and family. We had 13 people sign up but only 9 of us were able to walk. There was me, Laura, Megan, my Mom, Sheena, Tega, Jeremy, Holly, and Oscar who all walked. Wesley was going to walk with us but he hurt his back pretty badly and wasn't able to. Even though not every one was able to come we will for sure try next year to have everyone come and join us for the MS walk. We were able to raise $95 this year and we will try hard next year to raise more.

The morning of the race we woke to this. We ALL dressed up warm of course.

Getting ready for the walk.

Abby and Sheena

Holly, Oscar, Tega, and Jer

Gail and Laura

Jer, Holly, Tega, Megan, Oscar, Sheena, Abby, Laura and Gail

The whole crowd of people there for the MS walk.

Our Team picture (Tega's sister wasn't in this photo with us.)

"I walk for Shawna"

Laura made us arm bands to show that we were a team. (Thank you Laura for making those for us all)

Beginning of the race

Half Way

Sheena and I at Half way.

Coming up to the end of the race.

Sheena at the end of the race.

Me at the end of the race.

This a a group of friends from work that was walking for their dad.

Laura at the end of the race.

Tega, Jer, Holly and Oscar at the end of the race.

Thank you everyone who was part of the MS walk. It really means a lot to me for all the support there is here in Utah for my really close friend Shawna. So grateful that Tega was able to participate even when she is eight months pregnant and Laura who is four months pregnant. I know when we first started to think about doing the walk we weren't sure if the four of us who grew up with Shawna we be able to participate and show our support but I am glad we all could. We love you Shawna!

Carl Bloch art show

My dad got four tickets to the Carl Bloch art display and gave them to us because they couldn't use them. We were able to go on April 22nd. We invited Wesley's parents to go with us because his Dad kept saying how much he wanted to go. Tim was able to come also because he is a BYU student and got in with his student ID. I really enjoyed the art show and to learned more about Carl Bloch and about the many talents he had. Thank you Dad for the tickets.