Thursday, September 24, 2009

Phlebotomy School

We decided to sign Wesley up for a Phlebotomy class so he can start to do something in the field that he wants to go into.

Here are a few of his wounds from class. All the students practice drawing blood on each other (instead of something lame like an orange or tomato) getting stuck anywhere from 5 to 20 times depending on their ambition. He really enjoys the new experience and is excited to keep practicing.

This is his right arm which has a big bruise from someone missing his vein a couple times.

This is his left arm which isn't too bruised up.

New Hand Made Bags

I thought while Wesley is doing his Phlebotomy class I would work on some new bags. This is all the fabric that I got to do the new bags with. I had my moms help to pick out the fabric and had her make one of the bags to see how difficult it would be.

This the bag that I did on my own, well for the most part. When I saw the pattern the bag was going to be too big for me. My mom and I made a smaller pattern to be the kind of bag that I was looking for. Laura had found this pattern for us. This new bag was really easy to make and I am really thinking of making another one just different colors.

This is just showing you the close up details for the bag.

This is the bag that I had my mom make to see if it was going to be hard to make. She did a really good job with it. I can't wait to get to use this bag soon. We had got this pattern a few months ago and thought is was about time to actual make it.

This is just showing you the close up details for the bag.

Daniel Returning Home

We are all so excited to have Daniel home. Daniel came on August 11th. Wesley and I were a little late getting to the airport to welcome Daniel home. We missed seeing him coming down the stairs by five minutes. We were glad that we were still able to be there for him.
We got Daniel a few goods to go home with. We got him some Luas because he love island stuff and we wanted him to feel welcomed home.

This is the group of us all that was able to be there for Daniel.

Yeah there is a story behind the Strawberries... So when I meet Wesley at the Airport when he got home from his mission I had gotten him some strawberries. I had made Tim some strawberries when he came home and so I thought that I should get Daniel some too, and Daniel missed our wedding and we wanted him to have a small taste of our wedding.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We decided to spend the weekend in Payson to go to the Payson Onion Days on Monday. After I got off work on Sunday we picked up Laura and headed down to Payson for dinner. The WHOLE Kinglensmith family was down from Montana. There was a full house of people.

We decided to sleep outside in the backyard since there were so many people and it was a really nice night.

Wesley playing in Papa's (his grandpa) wheelchair. Everyone had been playing in it all night long. It was like a new toy for everyone.

Payson's Parade... We met up with the Allens to watch the Parade.

The little kids were REALLY enjoying the candy.

This is Charles being one of the kids going out for the candy in the Road.

Bees Game

Labor day weekend was the last weekend the Salt Lake Bees were playing so we thought it would be a good idea for us to go watch game and fireworks. We always watch the fireworks outside of our apartment building and this time we got to listen to the music they play during the fireworks. It made the fireworks more fun to watch. I invited my family to come with us, Megan and my parent were able to come. They had a lot of fun and it was fun to have them along.

This was Wesley's hot dog. It was a foot-long. Despite the picture, it looked and tasted really good.

Bees won 5-4. They scored their last two points off a homerun in the last inning with 2 outs, 2 strikes, and 1 runner on first.

OUR 365

This is what I get to push around all day at work. We call it our hot dog stand. This is my cart at the U of U hospital. I work at St. Marks also. I can't tell which hospital I like better. I really enjoy photographing babies and getting to work with the new moms. I didn't post my work uniform because I think I look funny in it so I didn't want to post photos of me yet. If you would like to, check out to see what kind of photos I take.