Monday, May 24, 2010

Employee Appreciation Week

At Abby's work it was employee appreciation week the second week of May. To celebrate everyone turned the office into a giant Clue game. Our department chose The Library. At first everyone was decorate their own desks, Abby's and Andrea's desks looked so good the department lead decided to have them decorate the rest of their department. Here are some of the decorations.

Aubrey's desk at work. (hers won the contest)

Andrea's Desk (the girl that sits right next to Abby)

Abby's desk

Not sure what kind of chess game this is, but a Lady from Bosnia brought the chess board, its not your regular looking board.

Abby was asked to make a chair and a couch to put on a long wall. She made them all out of paper, they turned out really good. Everyone at her work wanted them to be real so they could sit on them.


Chair, side table and Couch

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wednesday night after seeing Iron Man 2

We were traveling home from the movies and in front of us a big white Ford Explorer was driving a little crazy. Wesley stayed back and was ready to call the police because they were almost hitting people. They drove up onto the sidewalk hitting rocks and almost hitting a sign, then came back onto the road and almost hit a car. Then they swerved again hitting two signs and taking out almost 50 ft of fence before rolling into a creek. Luckily a tree stopped them from rolling down into the water but they were turned onto the passenger side. Wesley pulled over and rushed down the hill to help the people along with a few others. There were a lot of other people who were there to help too, but there wasn't much anyone could do. The man driving wasn't wearing his seat belt so he fell on top of the girl in the passenger seat. He was out cold foaming and bleeding out of his mouth, but the girl was screaming and trapped. Others called 911 and it was only a few minutes before paramedics arrived. The man gained consciousness when they pulled him out, but was really out of it, he kept yelling and pushing away the paramedics, it took 6 of them to strap him to the back board. They had to cut the girl out of the car because she was pinned in. Turns out the guy had a seizure. This made for a very interesting night after the movies.

In the video you can see Abby and Timothy (Wesley's brother) standing in the background, Wesley was a few feet away filling out a police report.