Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 24th

The 24th of July we decide to head down to Payson for dinner. There wasn't much going on here in Salt Lake so it gave us something to do. Pama just got home from the Hospital the night before so we thought it would be nice to go and visit her too. While we were waiting for dinner I was thinking of something for us to do as a family and I remembered how to make homemade ice cream in Ziploc bags. It turned out pretty good. Other than it took a long time to make the ice cream. Thanks everyone for helping shake the bags. We had some friends from the neighborhood come over and help, it was a lot of fun. After ice cream we did fire works. Thank you for a great 24th of July...

Crystal was a big help. She would hold open the bag for me while I put the stuff in it.

Laura Allen started to shake the ice cream, but it got so cold she put gloves on to shake it...

Wes and I shaking our bags...

Tiffany and Kevin shaking their bags...

This is almost all of us sitting waiting for fireworks to start. Wesley and Tim was lighting them for us all.

This was our Grand Finale...

Splash Park

This is us at the Splash Park... Megan, Jenny, Dad, Brittany, Brooklyn, Carter, Darcey, Jordan, Mae, Owen, Easton and I were able to go. The water was really cold but the kids liked it for the most part. Easton really didn't like it much, he just liked to play on the playground more than in the water. I stayed with Owen because he was too little to be by himself. It was a great day to be at a splash park. Thank you to everyone for letting me tag along with you this week.


Owen & I

Brooklyn & Jordan

Carter & Owen

Mae, Carter, & Owen

Brittany brought popsicles with her and the kids loved them.

Darcey with everyone sitting behind her eating too.

Dad, Megan and the kids....

Brittany & Easton

Megan, Jenny, Mae, Jordan, Owen & Brittany


Me with the whole group...

These next few photos were really funny because Owen wanted more popsicle but Jenny didn't want him to have any more, there was one popsicle left so Owen was just playing with it trying to get it open.... You will see by the last photo he gets it open....

Yeah it was running down his tummy... But he loved it.

Jumping Jacks

I was able to go to Jumping Jacks with some of my family. It was Fun seeing all the kids playing together. Dad, Jenny, Brooklyn, Jordan, Mae, Owen, Brittany, Carter, Darcey, Easton & I were there. After playing at Jumping Jacks we went and got lunch all together.

Mae & Jordan
Owen, Easton & Dad

Jenny, Owen, & Brooklyn



Darcey & I

Monday, July 6, 2009

BBQ on the 5th July

BBQ at Allen and Brittany's house...

4th of July

Murray 5k and Parade...

Laura, Megan, and Jenny ran the Murray 5k this year. They did a good job. I didn't see Megan run by, that is why I didn't get a picture of her running. After the Race then there was a parade. Wesley stayed home to rest because he hurt his back at work on Thursday. I met up with my mom and some more family. Sara, Grandma, Kaye, Dan and Kesley. It was a lot of fun watching the parade and running out to go and get the candy. We were acting like kids but it was fun.

Rodeo Western Stampede

My parents treated us to the rodeo the night of the 4th. Megan, Laura, Mom, Dad, Wesley and I went. Allen and Brittany and their family were there too. It was Laura and I's first time being at a rodeo and we really liked it.