Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bowling with Work Friends

We went to dinner and bowling with friends at work and with our spouses. Andrea my friend at work who's fiance from DC came to town, so we always try to get together with each other. We invited Lacy and Scott to come with us. Lacy also works with me.

Here is our Night out at Bowling.

Andrea, Scott (Lacy's husband)
 Taylor (Andrea's fiance), Scott (Lacy's Husband)
 Abby, Andrea

Craft for Nov. 2011

I made a car seat canopies for my cousins, they both are having girls. Both covers are double sided. 

This one is for Lynsie.

 This one is for Karla.

Halloween 2011

This year I dressed up at work as a hippie for Halloween.  My whole work team tried to dress up together. It was a lot of fun to be able to dress up and have fun at work that day.

After work we were going to go to a Halloween party that night but we had a change of plans and we dressed up and just hung out with our friend downstairs. It was a great Halloween this year. Wesley and I dressed up as Wybie and Coraline from the movie Coraline. Wesley made his mask and even painted his gloves to match Wybie.

Payson Lake camping Trip

Middle of Aug. we went camping with some friends at Payson Lakes. It was a lot of fun. We went to the grotto and Payson Lake. There were seven kids all under four years old, and nine adults. We had five tents on one large camp ground. We only had about two hours of bad weather. It went really well.