Friday, March 20, 2009

Three months of Stress...

The past three months we have had a lot to think about and decide. Abby has had a lot of female problems and it got worse in January. Wesley thought that we should find out if Abby has something wrong. We went to our Family doctor and he had us do a lot of tests to see if he could see what is wrong. We did an ultrasound at the LDS hospital. From those test our Family doctor just changed Abby's birth control again to see if this would help. From the ultrasound he told us that Abby has endometriosis. After that we really thought that we needed to go and see a specialist to see if they could give us some answers to our worries.

We had found a doctor that took our insurance and then Abby thought to call the insurance company if they covered that doctor and they didn't so we couldn't go to the first doctor. Abby called a different doctor that would work with our insurance this time. We went and saw an OBGYN the last week of February (We really didn't like this doctor, he was not friendly, actually rude, and acted like a know it all, with no answers). He told us that we had three choices. The first was to do Laparoscopy to find out if Abby has endometriosis, (because although the family doctor told us Abby has endometriosis, its actually not possible to diagnose without having a laparoscopy, until then it's just a guess.). The second option was to just keep on doing what we are doing just keep on taking birth control and pain killers and hope that we could get pregnant in a few years. The third thing he told us was that Abby should stop taking birth control and try it get pregnant soon. This doctor told us told us if Abby was his daughter that he would tell her to try to get pregnant because Abby may not be able to have babies in a few years. This was really hard to take in for both of us because we both aren't ready for a baby yet. After we prayed about it for a few weeks we thought that we should go and see a different doctor to get a different opinion before we just threw ourselves into trying to have a baby.

This last Tuesday we went and saw a gynocologist. This doctor was so much nicer and so much help for us, she answered so many of our questions the other doctor claimed couldn't be answered. This doctor decided Abby should try the DEPO shot for a few months to see if it helps her pain. Abby will still need to have a scope to see whether or not she has endometriosis. If she does there are other things they can do for her and the doctor said they would help us when we are ready to have children. Enventually endometriosis can cause infertility in women (Typically 25-50% of women experience complications or complete infertility after age thirty). That is why the first doctor told us to start having kids. Abby is scared to do the Laparoscopy but she will be okay when she does it in the summer. It is an outpatient surgery. Thank you to all those who have kept us in your prayers. We are so grateful for all the love we recieve from all of you. We will keep you all updated when we found out anything else out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

California Trip

Our Trip to California for Andy and Nikki's wedding.
Wesley and I decided to spend a night in Vegas before we headed to California. Then when we got to California we stayed in Andy and Nikki's apartment. (Thank you Andy and Nikki for letting us stay at your place.)

This is us in Vegas walking the Strip, the first time for both of us. It was really cool seeing everything.
Andy & Nikki's Wedding dinner.
The night before the wedding Andy and Nikki had a really nice dinner at this Restaurant called The Castaway in Redlands, California. This picture of us is the view we were looking at while we were eating dinner.
Wesley and Abby

Andy and Wesley

Andy & Nikki's Wedding Day at the Redlands Temple.
Wes and Abby

Riley, Andy, Greg and Wes. All mission buddies from the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission.

The Ring Ceremony

This is us waiting for the ring ceremony to start. It was so nice out side with bright blue skies and a light breeze. The Ring ceremony was perfect.

This picture has Riley, Brittney, Greg, and Wesley in it. We all hang out with each other after the temple and until the Reception and dinner started.

Wesley, Andy, Nikki, Greg, and Riley at the Reception. We all had a lot of fun and Andy and Nikki looked so good. We want to wish them the best and miss them so much already.

Late Night After a fun, filled Day
Brittany and I played one round of Mario Kart on the Wii before we went to bed. We all stayed in Andy and Nikki's apartment. It was quite entertaining.

Vegas Temple
On our way home we stoped in Vegas again and thought it would be a good idea to stop at the Vegas temple. It was a lot of fun. Abby's favorite part was the the smells of all the flowers. Wesley loved the palm trees and being able to wear shorts.

Hilton Las Vegas Hotel
This is us leaving the Hilton on Monday morning. It was so windy that morning. It was a lot of fun staying in a really nice hotel and get to spend time away with each other. (Thank you mom for getting a great room.)

Welcome Home
This is how Utah welcomes us home. When we got to Nephi we were welcomed with a white out. Wesley and I packed for warmth and cold and we used everything we brought with us because the weather changed so much and so fast.