Thursday, April 28, 2011

Conference Weekend

Wesley and I were able to to go to Saturday morning session of General Conference. My Parents had two tickets and weren't able to use them. I was really excited to go because I had never been in the conference center for a session. We were so excited to go. We had really good seats too. It was really cool, we sat in the middle of all the missionaries right in front of the door where all the Apostles and Prophet come out. Here are the photos showing where we sat.

Jenny, Neal, Brooklyn and Jordan asked Wesley and I to go with them to the Sunday afternoon session also. It was really cool to be there for the closing session. The messages were so great and I am so glad that they asked us to go with them. (THANK YOU GUYS!) Here are some pictures of where we got to sit for that session.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

Wesley picked me up from work and he had in the car these very beautiful roses and candy for me. I felt so bad that I hadn't gotten him anything we had talked about not getting each other something because we had just moved into our new apartment and we were just trying to save a little money. But I was so grateful that he spoiled me. We tried to go to Olive Garden for Valentines day dinner but was so busy we went to Costa Vida and then the next night we went to Olive Garden.

Thank you Wesley you are the Best. I love you...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Car Show 2011

We went to the car show with Phil and Laura Blue and their kids. We had a lot of fun, Cambria is in love with Wesley and she was his buddy the whole day. After the car show and lunch Wesley and Abby signed a new lease at their new apartment.

Laura, Phil, Rider,Wesley and Cami

Wesley and Rider

New Years Eve 2010

New Years Eve we went to Megan and Jason's House. We had pizza and played games and then brought the new year in with some sparklers. Jason was going to have fireworks but he had taken them up to Logan a few days before. We stayed at Megan and Jason's because it was so cold out everything was frozen over. Thank you Megan and Jason for letting us bring in the new year with you guys.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ferguson Christmas 2010

Ferguson Christmas

We did Christmas with Abby's Family the Monday after Christmas. Here are a few pictures of us and the few traditions that Abby's family has.

Here is the Christmas poppers (A Welsh tradition)

All the food we all had.

The Christmas Tree with all the gifts under it.

Here is all of us able to be there and our paper hats out of the poppers.

Christmas in Payson

This year we spent Christmas in Payson. We spent Thursday night to Saturday night down in Payson and then headed back home to our ward on Sunday.

Christmas Eve we went to lunch at Costa Vida and then went ice staking with Graycee.
All Wesley's family except Nicole and Cody. They met up with us later that night.

After Ice Skating we had Chili and did our gift game.

Then after opening gifts we made ginger bread houses.

Tiffany and Kevin's, Wesley and Abby's, Daniel and Ariel's, Nicole and Tim's

This was Wesley and Abby's gifts under the Christmas Tree that we had gotten for each other.

Abby had made new stockings for us this year.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Christmas bags

I've been a little behind on my posts but still wanted to put up some Christmas stuff for people to see.

For the past few years Abby's family has been doing fruit baskets/bags for people around Abby's parent's ward and for family and friends. We put together about 21 bags and all go out and deliver them. It has been fun to let family and friends know that we are thinking of them during Christmas.

This is us putting the bags all together.