Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Savannah 2nd Birthday Party

Payson Temple May 23, 2013

My parents kept on asking us how the Payson Temple was going and here is the photos of it on May 23, 2013. 

Peyton and the new Swing

Wesley mom and dad got a new swing for the back yard for the grand kids. While they were out of town we put up and Peyton was the first to try it out and he loved it.


David hadn't seen Savannah in awhile so we made a trip to Nicole's house. Savannah wanted to show us her new calf's and how she can climb up the fencing. She is going to a true farmer.

Fencing on the Farm

Nicole asked if Wesley could go and help her fix her fencing out on the range because she had to put the cow on a different range land than last year because of the fires. While Wesley and Nicole was out I was able to watch Savannah. I  took Photos of Savannah in her work clothes because she looked so cute in them. After lunch I drove out with Savannah to see what they were doing and Savannah loved watching them fix the fences.

Craft Project

I made this for Peyton first birthday. He love Monsters.

 Made this as a diaper bag for a girl at work.

Mom, Laura and I were signed up for a Quilt class and we made our quilt tops in one day. This is the one I made.

I made this for Savannah for her 2nd Birthday. Savannah had to play in it while I was taking photos of it. I had post the photos because it was cute.

Christmas 2012

Ferguson Christmas

We went to Lois's house for lunch and to see Stephen call home from his mission. He was able to Skype home. Then went back to the Mom and Dads house to open up gifts. 

 Keesler Christmas home video that I felt like I should share. I love the one with Robert and him playing with Savannah. She loved to play with him when he was around and normal.