Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wedding #3 Kesley and Aaron

June 24th we went to Kesley and Aaron's wedding. They were married at Jordan River Temple and it was so beautiful and really touching to be able to be there with them and with all of our family.

The group of all us at the wedding.
Wesley and Papa waiting for them to come out. So grateful that we were there to help Papa and Pama out.

Wesley and Abby in front of the temple.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family BBQ

June 28th my parents had a big family BBQ with everyone that was in town. Jenny and her family were in town for a week and wanted to meet all the new in-laws to be, even though Megan was out of town Jason was a good sport and came and meet all the family. Matt was also able to meet Jenny and Neal. We all had a lot fun. We had Aunt Kaye and Uncle Dan come with their family. All the little kids had a lot fun playing on the play ground and playing in the water. We all had a lot of fun just being able to see and talk with everyone.

Owen and Easton loved to play in the water the most.

Allen, Neal, Jenny, and Owen

Wesley and Jason

Jenny and Owen

Brittany, Easton, and Sara

Sara, Grandma, Uncle Dan, Aunt Kaye and Jessica

Jordan, Darcey, and Mae



Mae's bowl of Strawberries and sugar

Jordan's bowl of strawberries and whipped cream

Owen got really wet

Laura and Matt

Owen and Brooklyn playing with Zoey.