Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Sites Visit

On Sunday Night we went with Abby's Mom and Dad to go and put flowers on family graves. We went to two different cemeteries to put flowers down.

This is Wesley and Laura looking for Grandpa Cordery's grave.

This is my Grandpa Cordery's. He has a lot of family that loves him, he has a lot of flowers on his grave. It was really cool to see how many flowers were there.

Now we are at the Salt Lake City Cemetery. Wesley really liked the grave stone next to my dads parents grave. The one that looks like a granite rock.

This is my Dad's brother's. This is uncle Kent's. He right next to my grandparents.
This is my Grandma and Grandpa Ferguson's grave.

There is a story behind why my Dad and Laura have the plastic bags on their head from the flowers. It was raining and there was some crazy lady walking around the cemetery with a bag on her head, it was really funny to see some lady walking around with a bag on her head just because she didn't want to get her hair wet.

Megan and Mom

This is my uncle Scott's (dad's brother).

This is my Dad's Grandparent's.

This my Uncle Kenny's, grandpa Cordery's Brother.

This is Grandma Jenny's, grandpa Cordery's mom.

This is my uncle LeRoy's, my grandpa Cordery's twin brother. He only lived a few days.
It was memorable to go see all my family's graves and to pay respect to them. Thank you Mom and Dad for inviting us to come with you guys.

All nighter in Clearfleid...

Abby has been working on this quilt for about a week for Laura Blue. We were at Phil's parents house for the weekend with Phil and Laura and thought that we should give them the quilt before they have their little boy.

Here are the boys playing Halo with Tim (online in Payson). They played Halo for about two hours and then they got to tired and ended the night early at 3:00 am. Kris was able to come up with us too. While the boys were playing, Laura B. and I were trying to work on craft projects but we didn't do too much, we were so tired we couldn't think of stuff to work on. It was a lot of fun hanging out with the Blues. We want to tell Phil and Laura THANK YOU for letting us come and stay the night with them.

We brought our TV up too and that is what Wesley is playing on.

Kris, Phil, and Wesley

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bees Baseball Game

Last night we went to the Salt Lake Bees game with friends and family. We got to sit right behind first base and fourth row from the field. We had a great time even though Wesley wasn't feeling really good.

Laura and Phil Blue, Me and Wesley

Timothy, Laura, Laura and Phil Blue

Kevin, Tiffany and Timothy

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day...

While we were in Payson for Mothers Day Wesley was looking through his boxes and found his LEGO's (they were still put together too) and when he found them he started to play with them just like he was a little kid again. Wesley would have a lot of fun with our kids when we have kids. I know that Wesley will buy our kids LEGO's and will play with them too. It was really cute seeing him talk about his LEGO's to us all.

Mother's Day Dinner, before Daniel's call from his mission.

This is us after dinner just talking and Wesley had to show his food in his mouth for the camera, I had just had taken a drink when they took the photo,this is why we look so funny. Happy Mothers day to all the moms out there. ( a day Late)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Abbys Graduation from the U of U!

I graduated from The University of Utah last Friday. It's exiting to be done. Now we have the long road of Wesley's school!

Abby and her photography friends waiting to walk into the hall.

Family that came to see Abby walk.

Abby's name card. (And they still mispronounced our last name)

After Graduation photos with Friends.

After Graduation we all met up and went to a Japanese Steakhouse. We had a pretty big group there. Laura was so mesmerized by the cook. It was a great time out to dinner with the Keesler's and the Ferguson's.

Grandma and Sara were came to dinner too.

Thank you for all the Congrats. Thank you for the cards and the gifts. It has been a long road of school for Abby and she is so excited that she got her Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography with a minor in Graphic Arts after 6 years of College. Thank you for everyone that helped her with all her schooling. We love you all.