Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2nd Wedding Anniversary

JUNE 19, 2010

Our 2nd wedding anniversary we were in Payson because Wesley spent the week in Payson helping out his grandparents while his parents were in Florida. My mom took me to Provo and I met up with Wesley Friday night. Saturday was our Anniversary. We were able to sleep in and take it easy for the most of the day. Wesley and Scott (our cousin) were trying to fix Scott's old Xbox. They were having a lot of fun working together. I didn't mind that they were fixing his Xbox.

About 5:00pm we met up with Tiffany and Kevin at Sakura's (a Japanese Steakhouse) for dinner. We weren't able to make it for Tiffany's birthday the weekend before so we invited them to meet up with us for dinner. Wesley and I really wanted a Japanese Steakhouse and the place we usually go to was closed for some reason, so we decided to try this new place. It was really good. It was different, but we were able to have a really good time together.

After dinner Wesley and I went and got Caramel Apples for a treat, we got enough to share with every one at the Keesler's house in Payson. We also got a treat for Fluff because I thought it would be fun and cute at the same time.

We got a new game for our Anniversary. We found it at Target. We were going to just make a home-made version of the game but we decided we should just go and get it. We friends (thanks Phil and Laura!) a few weekends before who introduced us to Qwirkle, it was a easy and fun game. After dinner and snacks we played games.

I am so thankful for Wesley and that we have been together. Although our anniversary plans didn't turn out like we had hoped, we really had a good time. I am just happy we got to spend it together. It was good that we were able to be there to help Pama and Papa when they needed help. I love Wesley so much each day. I am so grateful we could be together and are able to share our Anniversary with Family and each other.

This wasn't the only exciting news of our ANNIVERSARY....
Timothy's phone call around midnight made our Anniversary one to remember.

Big Move at Work

There was a big move at work a few weeks ago and so I wanted to document it. We all had to pack up our own desks and then be out of the old building by 5:00pm. It was exciting to do something different at work. It was a big change for us all. I love to document what is going on in life and this is just something small that went on.
Andrea (friend at work) Just finishing packing up.

(Abby) Putting away the last things.

Abby's desk all packed up.

I just thought it looked so different having everything all packed up and all cleaned up.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weddings and Vegas...

Caitlin and Brad's Wedding...
1st wedding for the year.............many to come. (7 and counting...)

Wesley, Papa (just got out of the hospital and worked very hard to be at all the weddings coming up), and Abby

Brad, Caitlin, Papa and Pama

A mini vacation down to Las Vegas before going to St. George for Daniel and Ariel's Wedding. Wesley and I tried to take small vacation before going to Daniel and Ariel's wedding. We had a few car troubles before we left so we weren't able to send as much time as we wanted to in Vegas. We still had a fun time just hanging out with each other and not worrying about life.

While we were at the coke store we had to get a coke and we thought were pretty cool that we got them in a glass bottle.

Wesley had to take a picture of the men's bathroom in the Hilton Hotel.

Daniel and Ariel's Wedding...

2nd wedding of the summer. We were able to travel to St George for their wedding.

Wesley and Kris Playing around.

Daniel, Ariel, Papa and Pama