Sunday, January 13, 2013

Boo Zoo / Pumpkin Carving

Boo Zoo is when you dress up your Halloween Costumes and go trick or treating around the Zoo. Wesley and I headed up first thing in the morning and met up with Megan, Laura, and Dad. Then about noon all of Wesley's family showed up too. It was fun seeing all the kids all dressed up.  


After the zoo we went back to Payson to carve pumpkins and eat pot pies. We invited Kevin's family over too. 

Pumpkin Patch

One night after work Tiffany had called the Red Barn in Salem and they were having $3 a pumpkin sale for that night. So we headed over. It was a lot of fun going out and picking our own pumpkin. And going on a hay ride among other things. 

Visit with Shawna 2012

 This year we met up with Shawna on a Sunday at a park. It was really nice to visit with friends. It was the first time for Shawna meeting Ledger. Thank you Shawna for always thinking of us and being willing to come see us on your vacation. And thank you girls for always being willing to come and catch up too!

Love you all.

Keesler Family Photos by Photo Blue 2012