Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fire on Mt. Nebo in Payson

When we showed up in Payson to stay for the weekend Mt. Nebo was burning on the Southern ridge. They had it mostly under control for a few hours, but the wind picked up and made it worse. After it spread further north it started getting dark and the firefighters could no longer use airplanes or helicopters. They started lining the lower edge of the mountain near the houses with trucks. Once the fire started spreading to the third mountain, in less than an hour it had burned the entire side. We took the pictures from the roof of Wesley's parents house. In some of the pictures you can see where the fire jumped hundreds of yards. At about 7 pm the fire had made it so far down the mountain that 2 blocks east of Wesley's parents house, the started evacuating the neighborhood. They got the fire under control and no homes were burned, but the firefighters had to camp out at the local elementary school and continue fighting the fire in the canyon. Now we just hope there are no mudslides when it rains.

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The Tomkinsons, Neil and Roxy said...

How Scary! I am glad to hear that no homes burned and that you guys were safe.