Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wesley Being a Jokester...

Caitlin (Wesley's Cousin) had her car all decked out with BYU crap and so Wesley decide to tease her and put U of U stuff all over her car. He has so much fun teasing his family. Caitlin was a good sport about it when she saw it. She wanted to keep it on her car so she could show her boyfriend. He is a HUGE BYU fan. Caitlin was a U fan until she started dating him. While Wesley was in the mood to tease people he went into Timothy's room and put U of U and Florida State stuff up all over his room. He did this because Timothy is a big BYU fan and an even bigger Gator fan (weird because everyone else in the family is fans of Florida State) so there is always a bit of sibling rivalry going on. It will be fun to see what Timothy does when he see's his room when he gets home next Saturday. (Just had to mention he spent the last 2 years in the Florida Tallahassee Mission, which by the way is FLORIDA STATE COUNTRY.)

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