Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Wreath: Girls craft night

Girls craft night while the men were at priesthood session and Wesley was hunting. Mom ordered pizza and we all were assigned to bring different things to make our Halloween wreath. We saw the idea out of a Halloween magazine. It was a lot of fun to be able to make some Halloween Decorations for our house.

Laura's Dinner

Abby's wreath at the beginning.

Laura Hard at work.

Megan hard at work.

Mom hard at work.
We all made it our own. All four of them look a little different (even though you can't really see it), and added our own twist to them.

Abby's wreath done.

Megan's wreath

Laura's wreath

Mom's wreath


Neil and Roxy said...

Okay what a cute idea....I love it, i may just have to make one for myself, good job!

Lacey said...

Those turned out cute! I like that idea of craft night while the men are at priesthood!

THE DAVIS' said...

How cute! I saw those on a magazine while I was waiting to check out. They turned out awesome!

kk else yy said...

cute i love the candy corns!! perfect for halloween!

hagooda said...
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