Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Samuel Wesley Keesler birth story

Monday afternoon I had my 39 week and 3 day appointment and the doctor checked me and there was no change and the doctor said that my cervix is really high and baby is not engaged into my pelvic. Our best option may be to do C-section some time that week or we could keep on waiting for my body to maybe change and may not have Wesley there for the birth. Wesley and I decided to schedule c-section. They would be able to do the c-section on Wednesday morning and we were ready for that. One other reason we said okay to c-section was that all my sisters had c-section for different reasons and my mom had c-section with four of us. Went home from work and was feeling okay with this idea and I decided not to go to work on Tuesday and to make Monday be my last day at work. I wanted to go to lunch and go to a movie with Wesley one last time before I had the baby.

Monday night we were just watching TV and playing with Peyton (Wesley's nephew). I started to feel pain but didn't think anything of it. Okay it did cross my mind that something may happen sooner, but I pushed it off. Monday while I was getting ready for bed I noticed I had started bleeding and the pain wasn't stopping. I told Wesley and he had me call my doctor but no answer from him. We talked to Wesley's mom and she told me to give it half an hour to see if the bleeding would stop and if the pain would stop if I just rested. I rested for 20 minutes and told Wesley I thought that we needed to head to the hospital.  We packed up a few things and left. It was about 10:45pm once we got to the hospital. Got all checked in and hooked up to the monitors. I was contrating every five minutes by this time, but they were all in my back and wasn't being picked up by the monitors that well. The nurse check me and I was at a 1 but cervix was still high. She told us that she wanted us to wait an hour and she would come back and check me to see if I was changing and if I was we would stay and have a baby. Now it was midnight or one and the nurse checked me again and says no change, still a 1, so we are just going to send you home with pain meds to help you rest. The meds were not to stop labor if I was in labor. If it was false labor it would stop the pain and wait to have the baby on Wednesday morning. By the time they sent us home it was April 1st @2:00am. We got home and Wesley went to bed and I tried to sleep in the lazy boy because it hurt so bad to sleep in the bed. I hadn't slept in our bed since about 34 weeks because it was so painful.

I tried to sleep but the back pain still came every five minutes or closer. Not sure if I got any sleep that night. The drugs did make me super sleepy but it was hard to even sleep. I didn't want to go back to the hospital too soon because I didn't want to be sent home again. Wesley kept on telling me that I just need to let him know when I need to go back in because the pain was worse. By 7:30am Wesley got up and got in the shower and we left the house @8:00am to go back to the hospital. We got checked into the hospital again @about 8:40am. Nurse came in and checked me around 9:00am and I was a 3 and 80% effaced. The contractions now are 1 to 3 minutes apart. The first nurse couldn't find my cervix and she had to have a different nurse come in and check me. They said that the cervix is still super high. The nurse said she needed to talk to my doctor to see what he wanted to do. Nurse came back in and said that the doctor asked if we wanted to do a vaginal delivery or go ahead with the c-section. We said let's go ahead with the c-section. She came back after telling the doctor and wants to try to start the c-section @9:45am about, nurse said it would be closer to 10:00am. Wesley got on the phone and called his mom and sister so they could get to the hospital as fast as they could because they lived 30 minutes away. I called my mom and told her what was going on and she said she would be there around noon.

They started to hook me up to all the IV's and got me ready to head to the OR. The doctor came in right before I walked to the OR and asked if I was for sure and if I was ready. I was ready and he said okay. I headed into the OR and I was scared and nervous about it all. I was just not sure about it all. I remember when they were giving me the epidural the nurse asked why I was crying and I said I was in pain and I was nervous and just not sure what to think about it all. It was all happening so fast that I didn't have time to think about it all. The c-section started @ 10:25am and Samuel was born @10:28am. I remember when I heard him cry, it made me cry and I just remember Wesley kept on asking me if I was okay. I remember Wesley rubbing my head and holding my hand to let me know that he was there with me. Surgery went well and Samuel was great. Samuel was 6lbs 13oz 21inches long. Wesley was able to be in the OR with me and Wesley's mom and sister were watching outside through a window. I also had a coworker in the OR with us and she videotaped it all for us.

We spent 3 days in the hospital and came home Friday afternoon. It was nice to be home. I am grateful that things worked out the way they did. I keep on telling Wesley that I am so happy that I went into labor and I didn't just walk into the hospital on Wednesday and just have him. After talking with my doctor he told us that he was glad that we chose to do c-section because he really felt like it would of been a lot of stress on the baby and that when they took him out he wasn't even engaged in my pelvis and that I would of ended up with a c-section anyway. I am super grateful to have had such a great doctor that wanted the best for me and that he wasn't making us do anything we didn't want to do. I was super sad that I wasn't able to have one last date night with Wesley before he left to Texas but I wouldn't of changed anything. I am so grateful that things worked out the way they did and I feel that the Lord had great hand in it all.

Here is our Birth Video. If you don't like to see blood and surgery just be aware that there is one spot that is graphic.

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