Friday, December 19, 2008

One Year and Six Months

Wesley and I have been married for six months today but that isn't the best part about it all. Wesley asked me to marry him a year ago today. We were in Cayman Islands on Seven mile beach. We are so grateful for Daniel's help.

I had no idea that Wesley was going to ask me to marry him. The first picture is on our way to the beach and the second is after we got back to the ship after the beach.

When we first got to the beach Wesley and I went on this paddle boat. I had always wanted to go on one of these so we tried it out. David, Rachelle and Daniel thought Wesley was going to ask me on the paddle boat. So they were watching us very very carefully. I was thinking that something was up by now but wasn't sure what was going on. I still didn't think that Wesley was going to ask me to marry him. Just thought Wesley was acting weird for some reason.
This is how Wesley asked me. He had Daniel write it in the sand behind us, we had been sitting on the beach in front of Daniel in the water. I really had no idea what Daniel was doing when he was playing in the sand. I just thought that he was playing making something like a cool Castle (Partly because that's what they told me). That is how Wesley got me to go and see what he was doing, he told me to go and see Daniel's cool castle. When I looked at it I really thought it was a castle. I didn't know it was "Will You Marry Me" until Wesley told me to read it, and then I got it. You will be able to tell that in the video and Wesley was having a hard time getting the ring out of his pocket, only because it was tied tightly to a strap so it didn't get lost.
This is our remake for better photos so we could get the words and us in the picture. Wesley and I rewrote it and had Daniel take the pictures for us.
Want to tell Daniel Thank you so much for your help writing in the sand. I am not sure if Wesley could of pulled it off by himself. We love you so much and we miss you.
This is the Photo we went and got done while we were on the ship before dinner. We had been standing in front of a green background and Wesley's t-shirt was green too so that is why the background is on Wesley's t-shirt too. We could fix the photo but it is a great memory so we just haven't fixed it yet.

I just want to tell David and Rachelle thank you for inviting me to go on the Cruise with you guys, and getting to share that time with you. I want to tell Daniel thank you again for your help and willingness to share your room with Wesley and I on the ship. I also want to tell Wesley I love you so much. I will never forget your great proposal. Thank you for surprising me with it all.


Joe & Ashley said...

How fun!! I wanna go there!! Our "proposal day" is coming up also. Congrats!

Amy said...

Abby! This is such a great post!!! What an amazing experience for you guys! Thank you for sharing...

Laura Blue said...

yay for your 6 month mark and 1 year proposal mark. that's great news! the proposal was in such a beautiful're a lucky girl. i look at those photos where it's all nice and warm this time of year and then look outside at all the rain and can't believe it was this same day. it must have been nice! congrats again

Andrew and Tamara said...

How cute! Wes is a romantic! I can't believe it has already been six months since your wedding!! Happy Holidays!