Monday, October 19, 2009

Allen & Easton Birthday Party

Over the weekend we were able to celebrity Allen and Easton Birthdays. We all meet up at I Hop for Lunch then headed back to Allen and Brittany's new house. We got to watch Easton and Allen open their gifts. Easton got more balls for his blow up car that holds balls in it. Allen got a few new games for his Wii. Then we were able to have cake and ice cream.
This is Easton playing in his balls.

Allen, Carter, and Laura looking at all the new stuff that they got.

Brittany and Darcey, (Darcey with her crazy hair day).

Mom and Dad just chilling on the couch...

Wesley and I but not the best picture of me but oh well still thought to show that we were their too.

Megan looking at one of the new Wii games that Allen had gotten.

Easton trying to blow out his candle. He was doing a good job for being scared of the flame.

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Laura said...

I think I look worse then you do:) and I love Darcey's face too when Easton is blowing out his candel...Aw so cute!