Saturday, October 3, 2009

Family Phlebotomy

Wesley had friends and family night at his Phlebotomy class this past week. On Monday night Kris, my mom and I went to class with Wesley so he could practice on us. He did a really good job. I just have little bruises on my hands. We aren't sure how Kris's arms are doing but I bet they are bruised because he let Wesley practice a 16 gauge needle on him. It was really cool to see Wesley draining every ones blood. Then on Wednesday night Megan, Laura and I went to class with Wesley. Laura even did a good job, she let us know before hand that she passes out every time she gives blood but she was willing to come and help Wesley. Wesley did a good job and she didn't pass out on us, but almost.

Friday night was Wesley's last night in class and he took the National test. We have to wait 6-8 weeks to get his results back but he is now certified to work now in Utah. I am so proud of him and doing a good job with his class.
Here is a small video of Wesley stabbing Kris with the 16 gauge needle. You can see how big the needle is. The reason we video it is because the first time Wesley did it Kris' blood spattered all over his arm. So the second time we wanted to see it happen again, but no luck... But enjoy the video.... Wesley is being sarcastic about the "little poke."

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Ashley said...

Wow, thats cool. Joe was totally grossed out by the way. He hates needles. :)