Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moving to Payson

We decided to make a big move this time to Payson. Wesley got a job in Provo and so Abby started to look for a transfer to Orem or Provo. 1 Day after Abby applied for the job in the Orem clinic she got an interview. Two weeks later she got the job offer. Wesley started his new job the 7th of June and Abby started her new job on 11th of June. The only time we could move most of our stuff to Payson was May 28th. We had a lot of help moving everything down to the truck. Here is all of our stuff all packed up.

This is all the stuff we kept for two weeks until Abby started her job. We just kept enough stuff that we could fit in our car and a car that we borrowed from Wesley's parents. 

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